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About Graham

Graham orginates from Taunton in Somerset, England UK and spent 13 years in the Royal Air Force as an engineering technician before being made redundant in 1996. He then worked for 7 years as a free lance computer consultant until he bought a cleaning company in 2002. He started OvenGleam one year later and it has grown to become the largest oven cleaning company in the South West of England, covering the counties of Somerset, Gloucester, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset, and in South Wales the areas of Cardiff , Newport and Chepstow. He has two degrees from the Open University and is married with one son.

He considers himself to be an oven cleaning expert and AGA cooker cleaning expert having cleaned hundreds of all types of ovens and hundreds of AGAs. He has three AGA cookers: a 30 Amp Electric model at home, an original late 50s AGA Deluxe used for training purposes in the OvenGleam office and a powerflue gas AGA cooker in the Regency house that he renovated in the late 1990s and now rents out.

As well as being cleaning expert Graham considers himself to be Social Media marketing expert and online marketing expert.

Graham has been franchising OvenGleam with the trademarked name of OvenGleamers for one year. Currently they have franchises in Berkshire, North Hants and Surrey. As well as training, and supporting new franchisees Graham also markets the company extensively online.

Catherine Rogers his wife manages the day to day running of OvenGleam and gives Franchisees on-going management support pushing them in the right direction to make their businesses successful.

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